Vashon Sisterhood was formed when a group of 35 women on Vashon got together to talk about how to support the girls on our island. Our goal is for our island to be a place where girls feel supported, empowered, and honored as they make their way out in the world. Our organization is growing to have programs that include Circles, Mentorship, Rites of Passage, and Empowerment/Activism.

While Vashon island is an amazing place to live for many, our island data consistently identifies that our youth experience an alarming number of risk factors, along with higher than average mental health and substance use trends. Living on an island in a rural setting results in many of our youth feeling isolated and alone, with limited resources and supports for families. Sisterhood seeks to intentionally identify and include girls who represent ALL socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, with additional focus on inclusion of girls that may be underrepresented and/or experiencing higher levels of social isolation on Vashon Island.

We are passionate and proud to be able to intentionally support the healthy development of the following protective factors for all of our girls participating in Sisterhood circles at Chautauqua Elementary School, McMurray Middle School and Vashon Island High School providing opportunities for:

  • Healthy engagement and connection within and between school, peers, and community
  • Active engagement and connection with positive mentors who provide encouragement and support for the development of skills and interests
  • Developing higher self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Discussion, exploration, and development of essential emotional self-regulation, problem-solving, and coping skills
  • Increasing awareness and skills to manage those issues in society today, specific to girls/females, that impact healthy social and emotional development
  • Developing skills in self-advocacy and self-empowerment

Our team


Elizabeth Archambault, Executive Director
Laura Camner, Program Coordinator

Board of Directors

Margie Butcher, President
Siri Bookani, Treasurer
Sophie Gagnaire, Secretary
Emily Graham, Board Member
Yvette Butler, Board Member

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