Roots and Branches Program

Sisterhood Roots and Branches
Thursdays 3:15 – 5:15pm
*3rd – 8th grades
$120/month October thru June

Our comprehensive curriculum offers an exciting blend of council circles, mindfulness meditation, crafting, nature connection, games, social-emotional empowerment, and special guest women leaders from the community. We have monthly themes based on a seasonal cyclical rhythm.

We meet in the beautiful garden and indoor-outdoor classroom space of Klahanie School in Ellisport with access to art supplies, a crafting table, nearby woods trails, and a fire pit to circle around. The focus in all our circles is on cultivating connection, self-awareness and empowerment, building leadership and resiliency skills, and fun. 

*A range of ages can be quite sweet for younger girls learning from the older ones, and older girls practicing leadership and mentoring skills of the younger ones. We will also break into pods (3rd-5th graders and 6th-8th graders) for our deeper council topics where girls can focus on connection and sharing with their peers with more age and developmentally appropriate topics. 

The focus in all our circles is on cultivating connection, self-awareness and empowerment, building leadership and resiliency skills, and fun.

Small group size: up to 12 girls with 2 mentors
Outdoors with masks on

*If you think your daughter would benefit from a Circle, please know that financial assistance is available!

Our intimate group will follow COVID-19 protocols in sanitation, small class size and outside time with our open classroom spaces and garden. We will follow the normal district calendar of breaks, and tuition will be paid monthly. We are looking for an initial commitment of 10-weeks through December so girls can feel safe and have a long-term connection. Our plan is to continue with a Winter and Spring session as well, through the end of the school year, unless there are any shifts in the covid school schedule. We understand that things might come up that change your circumstances; we ask for one month notice if you cannot continue. 

A Sample Day:
~ Welcome and circling up together with herbal tea
~ Mindful meditation moment
~ Check-ins with Rose-Bud-Thorn
~ Present theme for the month/activity of the day
~ Game (ex: movement game, theater improv, story-telling, rhythmic game, etc)
~ Main activity of the day (depending on the week it might be a longer council, crafting, nature walk, or fire with story-telling)
~ Closing with gratitude and a song

Each week will have its own focus-activity in relationship to the monthly theme:
Week 1: in-depth Council with a text or film clip to read and discuss
Week 2: art/craft focus
Week 3: nature-connection focus: nature walk/sit spot/
Week 4: Seasonal celebrations with fire and story-telling; activism-community service

Crafting Possibilities
~ Journal making ~ Paper Maché masks ~ Cooking ~ Clay ~ Weaving ~ Basketry ~ making Herbal tinctures ~ Writing composition project ~ Vision board Collages ~ and more!

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